The Peyton Sisters are a family duo consisting of two sisters, Rachael who is 13 and Riley who is 15 The girls live in southern Illinois. They started singing at the age of 5 and 6 in churches and nursing homes and have branched out to different states and civic centers. They began singing harmony at the age 6 and 7. The girls parents knew instantly that it was a gift from the Lord as they can’t sing a note,  and yet Rachael and Riley are able to hear and sing harmony fluently. They are able to do up to hour long concerts. Riley and Rachael say one of their favorite things they love about singing, is when they look out and see people raising their hands, worshiping God.  The girls are currently taking vocal lessons from Joyce Martin Sanders from the gospel trio “The Martins” who sing reguarly with mark lowery and the Gaithers. The Peyton sisters will be performing at the Gatlinburg Gathering in August, 2017, the National Qt. Convention, And Silver Dollar City both in September of 2017, along with multiple churches and venues in 2017.

Rachael and Riley would be delighted to sing at your church or venue sometime!

To schedule The Peyton Sisters email them at jerrypeyton4@gmail.com and feel free to check out their listen section and hear a few of The Peyton Sisters songs for yourself if you like what you hear,  They would greatly appreciate your support to pre-order their album that will be released in 2017,  produced by Joyce Martin Sanders, and Tracking by Kevin Williams the guitarist for the Gaithers.
To pre-order the album email jerrypeyton4@gmail.com

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